Coach Michael Shaw
 Coach Michael Shaw  is one of Sacramento area's premier basketball trainer and mentor. With over 25 years of coaching experience, Coach Shaw can help your son or daughter build on and improve the fundamental skills necessary for competitive basketball.

Coach Shaw brings coaching experience from a variety of levels including Pro-AM Leagues, Amateur Athletics Union (AAU), National Junior Basketball (NJB), Sly Park Fundamental Basketball School, and Varsity High School. Coach Shaw's AAU teams continue to qualify for national competitions year after year. Additionally, in 1999 Coach Shaw's Capital City AAU team earned a 23-4 record and participated in the AAU National Tournament of which five players earned All League/All City Awards. Under Coach Shaw's leadership, three NJB boys' teams won titles in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade divisions in the 1994 State Championship tournament (a notable first in the history of NJB).

Coach Shaw just completed his sixteenth year as the Assistant Girls Varsity Basketball Coach at Capital Christian High school. The Lady Cougars won their seventh league title during the 2013-2014 seasons. This year’s team advanced to the Division 5 Section title game for the 5th consecutive year during the 2016-2017season. In addition the team also advanced to the second round of the Nor Cal Division Five. Coach Shaw has also trained and coached numerous athletes who have gone on to play basketball and other sports at major universities and colleges across the United States.

Coach Shaw's 2017 9th Grade Girls AAU team placed 1st at the Reno Memorial Tournament for the first time. This is Coach Shaw seventh Championship in ten years. The 2009 8th grade AAU team placed 2nd in the Division II Qualifier, and placed 3rd in the Blue Division at the Reno Memorial Day Tournament in the spring of 2008. Coach’s 2007 7th grade team also placed first in the division the same year in Reno. His 2006 8th grade team won the Super Regional Tournament and was ranked 9th in Northern California. Eleven players from this team made their freshmen teams the following year.

Beyond his record of success, what marks Coach Shaw as a superior coach is his commitment to helping his players improve both on and off the court. As a spiritual man, Coach Shaw deeply values the integrity and discipline that the game of basketball can teach young men and women. Coach Shaw will challenge basketball players to develop and improve their technical skills, while learning ethical approaches to the game as well.

You will not observe a student athlete of Coach Shaw showboating or engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct. Through rigorous and firm discipline, Coach Shaw not only promotes academic excellence, but he also encourages community service. Through positive reinforcement and constant encouragement, players under Coach Shaw's guidance are pushed to their maximum potential

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    Coach Michael Shaw has been training our son, Nick, for over two years. Nick trains every Sunday with Coach Shaw and all of his fundamental skills have greatly improved. His ball handling skills have improved 1000%. He can now effectively dribble the ball with both right and left hands without ever looking at them. He can also easily make fast lay-ups with both hands as well. His shooting skills have improved where Nick now is a 60% 3 point shooter and a 90% free throw shooter. He has also learned how to effectively play defense and no one on his team can shut down an opponent like Nick. His vision of the court has expanded dramatically and his mindset has become focused on fundamentals. Coach Shaw has also strengthened Nick physically and he is by far the most conditioned player on his team. Coach Shaw has been the most inspirational coach / trainer Nick has ever worked with and he will continue to train Nick throughout his high school years as well as college years. Coach Shaw has a very special place in the hearts of everyone in this family.

Linda Baranishyn
Nick Baranishyn

    Have you ever met a person that you just knew would somehow change your life forever? Well, October 28, 2004 my twin boys and I had the good fortune to meet Coach Michael Shaw during a basketball try out practice for an AAU 7th grade team. Coach Shaw's patience and professional demeanor was clear from the beginning. Coach Shaw has shown great leadership qualities and care for the players and parents he works with. The devotion and commitment to the team and players is unbelievable. Coach Shaw makes time and takes a real interest in the player's lives. He cares about the whole person: their grades, their well-being, their behavior and their attitudes. He is a spiritual mentor and positive role model. He is a man of his word and you can always count on Coach Shaw for support and understanding.
Coach Shaw gives the players a positive and healthy environment in which to learn and grow. I am grateful that Coach Shaw is an active part of my son's life. He is an amazing person, man and friend.

Ms. Susan Stewart

    About four years ago, I met Coach Shaw. He was my AAU coach and also became my trainer. Coach Shaw was instrumental in my development, not only as a player, but as a person. With his encouragement and training, I worked hard -harder than I ever thought I could! Coach Shaw helped me set goals for myself, and because of that I made my high school team. But Coach Shaw's most important input has been off the court. He expects his players to meet high standards of conduct, and these very characteristics are what will make me a success in the future. He does all this, usually with a smile, but there is no doubt in my mind or my heart how much Coach cares for his players and works constantly with them meet their own potential. I consider myself very lucky to count Coach Shaw as my coach and my friend.

Douglas Bevier - Student Athlete

     I have been involved with Coach Shaw for a little under seven years. My oldest daughter Danielle first started with Coach Shaw in September of 2004. Coach Shaw has helped her to learn the fundamental skills of basketball and what it takes to continue. She was just another post player on her High School Team and probability would not have continued to seek a position on a collage team, had it not been for Coach Shaw. She works 3 to 4 hours everyday to better her basketball skills and increase her strength. By doing this, she now has a chance to play Guard or Forward for Humboldt State University this coming year.

Update 2012: Danielle after blowing out her knee in her sophomore year, made the Humboldt State University team as a Team Manager for 4 years. Where she shared with the team many of the training concepts and techniques taught to her by Coach Shaw. She has since graduated with two degrees, one in Marine Biology and another in Zoology and is currently working on a boat in Alaska. This spring she will be heading to South Africa to study the Flying Great Whites. A lot of this was made possible by the teachings and support of Coach Shaw.

Terry Bennett - 7/8th grade Girls Head Coach

     I have been training with Michael Shaw for about two and a half years. His training has dramatically changed my life. Not only have I improved my basketball skills, but I have also gotten into great physical shape through the conditioning and drills. In addition, I now understand the importance of playing with character. When I began taking lessons from Coach Shaw, I was a beginner looking to improve my basketball skills and my physical condition. Unlike anything I had ever done before, it was definitely a challenge as I worked out gaining not only sore muscles and exhaustion, but also perseverance and endurance. Coach Shaw's encouragement helped me develop determination and confidence to reach my goals. As my sore muscles became stronger and more resilient, my appearance changed. I went from a slow, stiff, flabby girl to a quick, flexible, lean teen. Not many teens are happy with their bodies, but I can honestly say that I am happy and confident with my body now. Coach Shaw has also helped me to mature whether I am on or off of the court. I have a greater understanding of what is important-not just playing well, but also a person's character and knowing that the goal is constant improvement rather than absolute perfection. For example, Coach Shaw can recall how I used to cry when I didn't do something right. But, I have learned that everyone makes mistakes and that it's okay to mess up in practice so you can correct yourself to help your game improve. Coach Shaw also leads by example what it means to play basketball and live life with good character. Playing and living with good character is what makes playing well especially meaningful. One of the other great benefits of being in Coach Shaw's classes is that I am around other players who are talented and have similar goals. Friendships are made as we work together developing teamwork. Coach Shaw is very patient with all his students, yet he demands their best efforts. He will help you when you are struggling or don't quite understand how to do something. His balance of concern, high expectations for both character and skills, and his love of the game brings the best out of each player. I am very grateful to Coach Shaw. He is a great coach and an excellent role model. I feel very lucky to have found Coach Shaw and to be able to participate in his classes.

Kathryn Duffek - Student Athlete

     I am writing to let you know about our family's experience having Mike Shaw coach our son's middle school basketball team. Coach Mike Shaw was our son's A.A.U. basketball coach for two years, for 7th and 8th grade. We could not have asked for a more moral and responsible leader for our son on or off the court. Coach Shaw has always emphasized to the players on our team the values of self discipline, effort, a positive attitude and heart. Of course it goes without saying that Coach Shaw also does a tremendous job te aching basketball fundamentals to players hoping to prepare for high school playing time. But what was most important to us, was that Coach Shaw helped us prepare our son for the increased responsibilities and opportunities in high school generally. We believe through his experience of playing on Coach Shaw's team, our son has learned that he should always show up, on time, ready to contribute as much as he has, positively, to whatever he signs up to participate in. Those qualities matter in life. We highly recommend Mike Shaw as a basketball trainer and coach to basketball players.

Shelley and Andy Stroud
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