Private training:

Private sessions with Coach Shaw are designed to meet the needs of the individual player.
These workouts are one-hour sessions.

Rate: $40.00 per hour

Semi-Private training:

Semi-private lesson are two player workout sessions. These workouts are one-hour sessions.

Rate: $30.00 per hour

Small Group training:

Small group training is one to three players. These workouts are one-hour sessions.

Rate: $35.00 per hour

Large Group training:

Large group training is four to twelve players and runs from 90 minutes to two-hour sessions.

Rate: $25.00 per session

*Special group rates:

Special group rates can be arranged with Coach Shaw.

You must provide 24 hours notice for cancellation or you will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee, as I have to pay for court rentals in advance.

Team Basketball coaching:

Rate: TBD

All Training will provide shooting techniques, conditioning and ball handling skills with fundamentals being stressed throughout the session.

Basketball Training Summary

Offensive Skills:

Triple threat stance, pivots, jump stop, jab step.
Ball Handling:
Dribbling drills (both hands, eyes up, keep below waist) Basic moves-arm guard, stop and go, glide back, cross over Stationary rotation drills Weight ball use during practice.
Passing and Receiving:
Correct passing form (basic passes, bounce, chest, skip, push pass) Correct receiving form (call for ball, hands up as target, jump to the ball, catch with two hands, square up to the hoop in 3Xthreat, save your dribble)
Movement without the Ball:
Basic Cuts (V cuts, L cuts, flare cuts, flash to ball/open area)
Correct form and, terms: front, back, down, away, on ball, off ball Floor spacing (spread floor, move to open area for pass)
Lay-ups, (form, left/right) Correct form (triple threat stance, proper hand position on ball, the shooters "C", ball/elbow/knee/front foot aligned, snap wrist, release with back spin, follow through high and hold) Know your range, "game shots"
Offensive Moves:
Triple threat stance, pivots, jump stop, jab step
Post Moves:
drop step, power jump stop near basket, power dribble from a bad shooting area to a good shooting area, going up "strong")
Perimeter moves:
shot fake, jab and go, jab and cross
shot fake, jab and go, jab and cross

Defensive Skill:

Defensive slides (step-slide, drop step/swing) Stance (shoulder width, inside foot forward, inside hand forward palm up, other hand in passing lane, with on balls of feet, head up, distance from defender)
Correct form (go up with two hands, chin it, pivot protect-keeping ball about shoulders, outlet) Box out position (use the air time on the shout to establish good side position, get wide and low)
Defending the three on two and two on one fast break, (ball and first pass)

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